Friday, March 21, 2008

Me: A Pyromaniac

It's official, I'm a pyromaniac! I just love burning all my notes and all the stuff I could burn. Like it was already 12:30 AM in the morning and I'm still up eager to burn stuff. It's a good thing my neighbors did not wake up and rebuked me for being up so late just to burn stuff and not to mention pollute the air (bad me).

I just love seeing the papers burn. It was like having this special gift where I could make something disappear. I really had fun turning the paper over so that it could burn faster. I learned that paper will burn slower and inefficiently if you try to burn it in bundles. But if you spread the paper enough so that each page could cover a wide area, they are more faster and efficiently burned separately. It's sort of a divide and conquer thing.

I also loved the warmth that the fire was emitting. It sort of was soothing especially when cool air was blowing through me. It was like being in a little heaven of my own (the only difference is that there's fire).

It's weird but I really felt high and mighty as the flames grew stronger and brighter with each thrust of my steel rod. When the fire was slowly dying I was even desperate to find paper that hadn't completely burned so that the fire won't die.

Maybe I have a career opportunity in being an arsonist, what do you think? hehehe...

Additional note: Or maybe it was the joy of having to hide and burn all my secrets behind and start a new life... what do you think?

Photo Credit: cholesterol
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