Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Welcome to the Dark Ages

Oh my God! I am totally pissed off! I was in the middle of replying to people’s messages to me when all of the sudden *poof*! A black-out… Aah!!! Today is supposed to be a Holy Thursday! People are in their house relaxing because it’s a holiday and then the freaking electricity goes out? This is the province in the Philippines for you, darn it.

I am really so frustrated and furious! We have so many black-outs here that our computers and appliances gets busted easily because the electricity goes on and off like crazy. I really hate this! Good thing my laptop’s battery is fully charged. At least I can still write about my thoughts… geez… talk about an addicted blogger…

But then my laptop's battery will only last for 1 and a half hours so what will I do then? No! What a boring day today will be. I'll just help my parents pack then. Beats doing nothing but stare at the ceiling hoping the electricity will come back.

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