Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Discovering New Songs That You'll Like

So a friend of mine send me a message on Friendster (yup I have an account asking me for song recommendations. I have done this too for a time now but I've realized that I have my own unique taste in music and my preferences are not the same with my friends. So I gave my friend this advice that I think would be helpful to other song lovers out there trying so hard to find for new musical inspiration:

1. You can try searching for songs and listen to them online. You have to register first if you're not a member but trust me this site is good and that you won't regret signing up. Listening to other people's playlist can be nice as you are introduced to new songs, artists, and new styles.
2. You could also try No, it's not the stupid girl who opened the box that contains all evil and hellish. It's an internet radio service that helps you discover new artists and songs that matches your preference by analyzing and matching songs from the ones you currently like. It's sort of an online dating service that makes sure that songs that you like are matched to you.
3. Or, if you have watched any good movies lately and you liked the official sound track (OST) why not research about the song and the artist of the song. Chances are you'll discover an artist you have never heard of before and that you'll like their songs and style.
4. Watch MTV or listen to the radio! Doing so would make you updated to new songs and trends.
5. Lastly, Download/buy the songs that you like and enjoy!

But it does help if you ask your friends for endorsements... because as the old cliche goes, birds of the same feather stick together. Your friends might have the same weird taste in music like you hahaha... joke.

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