Sunday, March 16, 2008

Smorty - Get Paid For Blogging

We all are familiar and have seen this funny man riding the small bicycle in various blogs and websites while we go blog hopping and surf the net. Well, that is not something to be amazed of because Smorty is one, if not the best, service that connects bloggers to advertisers by allowing advertisers to advertise on blogs.

Bloggers are happy because they get paid to blog while they speak out their opinions on products and the things they want to blog about. Smorty is a service that is very easy to understand and use because it has a very user-friendly web layout and the services are stated in simple plain English. No technical terms so even newbies like me could benefit totally from Smorty's services.

For advertisers, they are given an easy access to blog advertising. With several blogs on the net, Smorty gives them blogs with substance where they can advertise on blogs with out any worries. Advertisers pay bloggers, bloggers writes great posts about their opinion, then everyone is happy.

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