Wednesday, April 6, 2005

College Here I Come

I can’t believe that I’m already a college student… well going to be anyway. I’m going to take up Nursing as a pre-med course and I can’t wait to start! Pretty surprising since I was the one who prayed to graduate from high school so that I can get rest from studying.
But I had enough rest and in fact summer vacation is boring me to death! I want to study! At least in college I’m assured that I can use what I learn in my future job and not some very hard subject that I will not even think about in the future.
I really want to be a suma cumlaude so that I can make up for my high school dilemma. I could have at least received a silver medal if it wasn’t for physics which is really pretty simple once you get the hang of it, which means remedial classes. Hey, I even got a 100% percent mark once in a quiz and mind you, every quiz counts!
I can imagine my self in front of the school’s soccer field sitting in one of the benches memorizing the parts of the muscular system of the human body. I just wish my laziness does not overwhelm me. Oh well, there are always the quiet hours of dawn and a good cup of coffee to really make me want to study. In the crack of dawn, no one is around to bother me! What a relief! Blabby people are a scholastic’s nightmare!
I’ve got to go. I’ve got the urge to utter a villainous laugh! Hahahaha!

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