Friday, January 16, 2009

Midnight Food Trip at McDonalds

Today was the last day of my 4 straight days of work until my day-off tomorrow so my Filipino co-workers/friends decided to spend it by stopping over at McDonalds to visit our old colleague. Who would have guessed that the majority of the McDonalds staff would be Filipinos including the on-duty managers and supervisors.

It was great how they practiced the Filipino characteristic of being hospitable. I was really amazed how accommodating they were to me and my companions. They personally came to our table and introduced themselves and told us to ask whatever we wanted. They gave us a 50% discount and they even gave us a huge slice of their ice cream birthday cake which I loved of course.

I just am happy to meet fellow Filipinos who are very friendly. I like contract workers better than some immigrant Filipinos because Filipinos who become citizens of Canada or are immigrants think of themselves as superior than those who are contract workers which I personally think is so wrong.

Anyway I am really glad that I went to McDonalds this midnight. I got to eat and I got to meet new people. Great day! I'm hoping tomorrow's movie day with the guys would turn out great as well.

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