Monday, January 19, 2009

Shopping the Smart Way

I used to judge other people for always wanting to go to the mall and shop because I thought it was a waste of money and what would you do with all those clothes anyway? But I finally changed my opinion towards shopping when I already earned my own money and when I go out with my friends we usually go shopping.

I realized that there is nothing wrong with shopping especially for clothes because when I go to university this September (fingers crossed) I would need lots of clothes because they don't require uniforms. Now I miss my school uniform... Also we have 4 seasons here in Canada so our clothing must be appropriate for each season.

The key to smart shopping is to always look for special deals like 50% to 70% discounts and stuff. What I like here in Canada is that when they have sales they do it to attract more customers or they are changing seasons unlike back home in the Philippines when they have sales because the items are either old or have defects on them or if they are perishable goods, they are close to their expiry date.

So my friends and I had no plans to shop, but since this very nice Filipino gentleman we met at the Filipino store offered us a ride to the Cineplex at Edmonton South Common as he was headed that way too. He was going to buy shoes at the Nike store at the strip mall near the Cineplex so we decided to look around. That is when we wear surprised that Guess, Buffalo by David Bitton, and Espirit where all having sales. I usually just walk away from temptations but my friends wanted to shop so we went in and I made an awesome discovery. I have a severe weakness for coats and jackets and I saw this awesome looking black jacket by Buffalo which was normally sold for $200 something and now was $160. And then Guess had an even more big surprise as I found this brown fall jacket which was now only $45 from $160. Ofcourse I checked if there was somwthing wrong with the jacket to make them want to give this jacket such a huge drop in price but it was in perfectly good shape and the style was unique. So I bought them and I was surprised that I saved so much. I can say that I have saved because after the sale, the discounted items will return to their original price so my $45 dollar jacket will be $160 again.

So my friends and I walked away with these bags from these designer stores with smiles on our faces. I can't wait for the next sale event.

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