Friday, January 23, 2009

Being One With Nature

I really love nature and all it's beauty. That's why I'm glad to live in a neighborhood with so many plants and trees. The color of green just relaxes me and clears my mind of all the stress and worries in my mind.

That's why I really want to get some indoor planters so that I can feel more relaxed when I'm at home. I really envy our family friend for they have such a great home and what made their home even more beautiful are their plants that added beauty and elegance to their home. And I really mean elegance because they had these gorgeous decorative planters that not only emphasized the plant's beauty but the planter by itself is enough to accentuate the home's beauty.

Speaking of planters, I never knew that there were different kinds and types. If you don't know what a planter is, it's a box or pot that holds plants and it's also called a jardiniere. There are planters comes in different, shapes, sizes, color, material, and even features like self-watering and frost-resistant.

I'm not into gardening but I really want to have plants or flowers in the house so maybe I'll get my self a window box planter to make our home a little bit more inviting.

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