Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One Cause of Bad Breath

I really hate it when customers with bad breath bends closer to me to tell me their order. I can't help but step back a bit. Some of you may think this is rude but I'm just being cautious. One cause of bad breath is not just because of tooth decay or of someone forgot to brush their teeth. One cause of bad breath is a congested digestive tract. Yup, people believe that the main cause of bad breath is the mouth but the truth is as more waste accumulates with in the colons (because of a slowed peristalsis or the like) bacteria accumulates and where there is bacteria they produce toxins which causes not only a bad odor but also compromises one's health and immune system as these toxins kill of good bacteria and the death of good bacteria gives opportunity for bad bacteria to accumulate.

One solution to prevent this from happening is to have a colon cleanse especially if you are constipated. A compromised digestive system means a compromised immune system because overpopulation of bad bacteria could lead to serious superinfection therefore maintaining a fiber rich diet and regular exercise is necessary. Fiber and exercise increases peristalsis so therefore the colon will be cleansed.

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