Sunday, July 20, 2008

Edmonton Police Service

Back home in the Philippines the general image of the police are corrupt and they are of no help at all with regards to solving crime cases. Just like the whole justice system in the Philippines, the police will only work for the ones with money.

But here in Canada you don't have to fear the police because they are very friendly and approachable. And unlike in the Philippines where traffic enforcers will make up offenses so that they could squeeze money off you.

Here in Canada your traffic offenses are recorded using cameras and other stuff (hehehe) but I do know for a fact that your speeding ticket is mailed to you with instructions on how to pay your fine.

So why on earth did I bring this up? Well the previous tenant of our apartment received his speeding ticket so thought I'd blog about it hehehe.

I don't like comparing my old home with my new home but there are things that we should all be aware off so that we could be able to do something about it. Although there are still drugs and other bad elements here but they're mostly concentrated at the night life areas so I still feel safe.

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