Monday, July 14, 2008

The Filipino Channel

I have been surfing through my TV and from the 999 channels I couldn't find The Filipino Channel on it. I tried the channels with Pay Per View and searched the ones I need to subscribe to and I still don't see The Filipino Channel anywhere.

Oh well... but I sometimes ask myself why I want to have a subscription to the Filipino channel when I don't even watch Philippine shows even when I was back home at the Philippines. Well, maybe I'm getting a little bit of homesick. But I'm already home here. I'm an Edmontonian and a Canadian...

...but I am also a Filipino...


  1. hehehe, i understand your present predicament. i think you need to subscribe for the TFC channel from your cable provider. anyway, if you are just like me who never watch filipino channel (even when I was still in the phils) you really dont need it. just a waste of money because you will not like it anyway, some of the shows are already old and you will get depressed with the news you will see there.

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