Sunday, July 20, 2008

Philippines: The World's Texting Capital

There is no denying it the Philippines is the texting capital of the world! Why? Well the Philippines is the only country where:

1. Almost everyone has a cellphone (It's like a part of a Filipino's hand).
2. Cellphones are considered a need and not a want. A Filipino who could barely have food to eat would still have a cellphone and money for air time credits.
3. The Philippine market for cellphones is HUGE! Offering different kinds of cellphone models which are renewed every month.

I only realized this because here in Canada the cellphones are well old... they don't have the latest Nokia phones that we have back in the Philippines. The high end phones here are mostly Blackberry's and Iphones but the selection is very limited.

That's why when I use my Sony Ericsson W960i touchscreen phone someone would compliment my phone and ask where I got it. And I always answer that I got it from the Philippines and it always raises eyebrows. Like how can a third world country have such hitech phones right? Well that is also a mystery to me.


  1. My cousin once asked me to send him a phone,ayaw maniwala na ung model na hinihingi nya is not available in ireland.tanging sa pinas lang or sa ibang part ng asia.Eh lahat ng phones dito exported from asia so talagang napaka late ng Ireland about phones...

  2. Great site!

    Cellphones back home and in all of Southeast Asia are indeed more high-tech than the ones available to us here in North America. I'd love to get my hands on one of such models too.

  3. I agree with you. Our country is indeed the texting capital of the world. Almost everybody has a cellphone. Some people are bringing two or three cellphones; different phone for every subscriber. Even street and market vendors are using cellphones already. And they say na naghihirap daw ang mga pinoy...

  4. wow its nice to know atleast we are ahead of them in turns of cellphone LOL!

  5. It's very interesting and funny!

  6. its true kahit mga trike driver merong cellphone kasi talagang necessity sya.. para sa kin necessity sya talaga, you can call anytime anywhere. ang down side lang talaga ng texting ay yung mga flooding ng quotes ant mga walang kwentang group texts na parang twiter. anyway, happy blogging!

  7. oh yeah. i just immigrated here in canada (2009) its feb 2010 now and the phones in phils particularly south east asia are way cooler than the phones here in canada. i bought a phone back in 2006 in taiwan while being a OFW its basically a samsung 80mb internal memory + 1GB microsd, 2megapixel and when i see the current phones here for sale for those plans of fido, rogers, telus, bell, etc. (eto ang globe, sun and smart nila) ay matatawa ka sa mga model phones. i mean nokia 1661? 1680? cellphones with 1.3megapixel? we should be wowed about this? Fail. hahaha very funny and quite absurd. and i thought this is NOT a third world country? e mas updated pa pinas. hellow my old cp model 2006 and have 2megapixel already but here the phones are so old school. they actually advertise phones for sale without cameras. and if with camera=1.3mega ancient pixel! baka meron pa ditong mga ancient nokia 3210!!! remember the classic ti-titt-ti-tittt! sound of nokia when a text arrives? you can sound it here and nobody will laugh. like in pinas they would frown what the heck is that sound. so 1990s buy a new model phone pls. har har har! (yeah they have those pricey iphones and blackberry here but how about those "middle to low priced" cps like from samsung, LG, sonyerikson, etc?) it seems all those unsold old models were shipped here for sale while those latest models were shipped back in pinas and its neighbouring countries.