Thursday, July 31, 2008

Google's Magic Wand

After my other blog Grim Angel suffered the fate of having it's page rank (PR) demoted from 1 to 0 I pretty much lost my interest in trying to pull the PR up. I guessed that Google must have cursed me for having the "Three Big P's" on my blog and labeling my old blog as a blog mainly used for blatant advertising. This of course isn't true because I use that blog for my rantings once in a while.

But nevertheless, I might have just been on Google's good side as they have decided to award my blog with a PR 4 while also giving my homepage a PR 2. Isn't that great?! I didn't do anything special to be noticed by Google's bots so I'm still kind of surprised with all that is happening.

Oh well at least I know that more doors will be open to me and my blog now that I'm a PR 4 but I better be careful because one false move could mean that Google might just demote me with one twirl of the magic wand.
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