Saturday, July 12, 2008

I Got Tipped!

Well, I should have included this in my list of reasons to stay at Tim Hortons. One reason why I don't want to leave Tim Hortons is that I have met several great regular customers. And they sometimes give me tips too! I could have gotten almost $10 now if I didn't play a role of a martyr and as a good employee by placing my tips in the till (cash machine).

But I've learned my lesson. I've realized that I'm not actually being paid much (maybe I'm being too demanding here hehehe) and that the customers gave those tips to me so it should be mine.

So how do I know if the customer tips me? Well they say "This is for you". But what if they say "Keep the change". That means I literally keep the change right? Well, we were told that we should place the change that the customers leave in the Tim Hortons Camp donation box but maybe I'll just keep the Loonies ($1) and the Toonies ($2) and the rest of the coins goes to the kiddies at camp hehehe. But they have video cameras set up at the till so it would be better if I don't get the change. But if the customers hand the money to me after I closed the till then I sure will get it hehehe.

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