Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm Going to QUIT

Well I'm not going to quit at my job at Tim Hortons anytime soon. But I am sure tempted to do so. There are so many reasons for me to quit but there are only a few reasons for me to stay (how melodramatic hehehe).

Ok here are my reasons to leave:

  • I was placed at night shift (11 pm to 7 am) and the pay is bad (no premiums for me) and I'm the only one at the storefront and I do everything from sweeping, mopping, throwing away the garbage, dishes, restocking, and for again a bad pay. Why do I say bad? Well I used to work at 3-11 pm and I'm only assigned one task and there are more of us on the job so I could afford to goof off during my breaks.
  • Morning is hell! There are so many nasty, cold-hearted, cocky, and hard-to-please customers! I honestly broke down and cried (but I hid of course).
  • There's a job for me that's nearer to where I live with a higher pay and the job is less stressful.

Reasons for me to stay:

  • I was "highly recommended" by a Filipino supervisor that's why I landed the job immediately.
  • I love my co-workers during my 3-11 pm shift.
  • I need to last longer so that this could serve as a good "Canadian Experience" for me.

But I have weighed things around and I have decided that if they still will place me on night shift next week even after my several talks with my manager showing my extreme discontent and unhappy self then I will quit.

I know that I should persever more and all but I love my self to much to go insane from working to hard! Imagine, whenever I fall asleep all my dreams includes working at Tim Hortons and serving customers. I have to remind my self several times that this is just a dream and there is no Tim Hortons at our house...

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