Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Wish List

The week after next week is going to be my next pay check so I'm kind of thinking what I would want to buy with my hard earned money. Well here are some of my wish list:

1. A new gamer's laptop. Yup I want a new laptop that is fast enough to run PC games. Well my lappy can play games but I want a laptop that has a fast processor like a dual core with 4 GB or DD2 RAM and a 250 GB. I'm looking for one that is less than Canadian $1200.

2. A PlayStation 3 Game. I want a fantasy and action genre game.

Well my wish list is quite short hehehe. I don't want to buy anything else. I did manage to buy myself a bike, wireless router, printer, and I did help buy this week's groceries so I guess I spent money wisely. But good thing though that by this week my mom's bank drafts would be cleared so we'll have money again because right now we don't have money but we were able to afford to buy our necessities and some wants like a Playstation 3 just from my brother's and my jobs. And applying for a credit card wasn't that hard either. It just proves that living in a first world country is great. You get to buy things that you want because the cost of living is not that high.

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