Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bored and Pissed at My Doctor

Nothing new is happening with my dull and boring life, which isn't too bad anyway. I usually know if my life is starting to be boring when I turn to anime and my role-playing computer games for entertainment.

My week has been really boring so far. Well, I may be a bit excited to receive my copy of Windows 7 sometime next week but other than that there's nothing new. I may or may not start my in-class driving lessons this week but I really should wrap this issue up quickly since I don't want to pay a fortune on car insurance. Seriously, not all young males are reckless drivers with speeding issues. Well at least I don't think I am a menace on the highway.

Anyway, my job is going great. There will always be nasty trolls that will visit any business establishment. They think they're all that, they're rude and obnoxious, but when they see that the price is too much they start asking for a discount or some sort of deal. Well though luck *******, I don't get any commission so I don't care if you buy something or not. But I still think my present job is awesome, if you compare it with my past job that is. Who am I kidding, my present job is terrific! I'm just a lazy bum, that's all.

Oh yeah, I didn't show up for my doctor's appointment today because I never asked for an appointment with him. He was like, set an appointment next week for a physical check-up blah blah blah. I should have asked him what it was for but I figured that I can better express my annoyance if I stood him up. What have I got to lose? It's not like he can take back the note saying I'm physically and mentally capable of performing my duties as a student nurse because A.) There is nothing wrong with me B.) I'll sue him for malpractice or something like that. I really am pissed at how this doctor is treating me. Imagine, he had me do these blood tests before he signed my health record, asked me to come back just to tell me I'm fat and I should lose some weight, and then asked me to come back for a physical check-up. Come on my time is also precious you know. If you just wanted to tell me I needed to lose weight then you could have just given me a phone call. Seriously, if I only knew that he would give me so much trouble just to get his freaking signature (which I paid $30 for) then I would have went to another doctor. I went to him because he was supposed to be our family doctor and he was supposed to have all my health records so he didn't have to make me run around having my blood checked and stuff. Ok the blood tests were justified but having me come again for a physical examination after he released my health record is weird and stupid. I'm thinking that he just made me do all those stuff so that he will be paid by my insurance.

Anyway, aside from that everything is going well.

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