Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Fun Place to Work At

One of my reasons for joining the Best Buy team was because friends (well just Darron) told me that working at Best Buy was very fun and exciting!

Well I did think that working at a place where you won't be overworked like a slave and stressed out would be considered a fun workplace. But my definition of "fun" suddenly became the word itself, I mean working at Best Buy is fun because the people are very nice, you get to play with the computers, and did I tell you about the PS3 system in our lunch room?!

It really helps to boost one's self-esteem when we have some morning activities that are completely non-work related. With my General Manager around, he would make sure that everyone is happy.

Just like yesterday, before we opened the store doors we played a shooting game between teams. There were these targets with points and the team who receives the highest points win! Although there weren't any prices, having fun and bonding with your co-workers is worth it!

I love Best Buy I really do. The prices are amazing. I can't believe that we are losing money from selling computers because we have to beat the prices of our competitors. We only get income from our performance service plans (psp). Some people would say that the PSP's are useless and are a rip-off but try saying that again when your computer fail and the computer manufacturer takes so long to fix your computer. I know that happened to me once and it wasn't pretty.

Anyway, got to prepare for work so I have to end here.

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