Friday, April 4, 2008

Like My Ice Cream?

First of all I had you fooled if you thought that this was actually a real life ice cream. Well you're wrong because this is actually a candle. So if you have a craving for wax then this is surely for you! Joke! ^_^

Who would have guessed that people would actually notice my Candle Palace Candle. Like I know that the craftsmanship of the candle is quite good but I didn’t expect so many people asking me if the candle was real or they thought that the ice cream was real. I immediately then became proud of my candle and I myself allowed myself to appreciate it. And what’s more amazing about it is that this is a local product from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines.

I now realized that we Filipinos do have some products that we can sure be proud of and call our own. I was going to sell the candle for Php 40 pesos but I’m thinking of rising the price a bit because the quality is undeniably excellent.

Hmm. Just looking at the candle make me drool for real ice cream. I think I'll be bringing this one with me to Canada. ^_^

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