Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Computer Is Dead

Oh my GOSH!!!

My computer is dead! It won't turn on anymore and it's all because I tweaked some screws so that I can clean more dust since my computer slowed down again. And I still blame those evil dust bunnies for the death of my computer. If it weren't for them I wouldn't have had to open my computer and cause some electrostatic discharges to my computer.

Good thing that my computer is still under warranty and the customer service agent has scheduled a bench repair. They are going to send me a box for my computer and then a designated courier will pick-up my computer at home and mail it to HP.

Wow! That is what you call excellent customer service! I am so happy with HP right now that I plan on buying only HP computers and gadgets from now on! Imagine I just e-mail them and then a couple of minutes the agents will reply in an hour with the information you need with out having to beat around the bush.

After my desktop is fixed I plan on asking them if they have a trade-in program too since I want to get a laptop. I don't want to have those stupid bulky desktops that attract dust 24/7. I love HP!

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