Saturday, March 21, 2009

I Don't Have to Prove Anything

I was so pissed yesterday! It actually happened to me, a Filipino being looked down by a "White". Well Filipino being looked down by another Filipino is pretty common but a White looking down at me? Unacceptable.

I can state a thousand things why they can never look down on me but I'm tired and I'll be wasting my time. But what the hell, time is all I have:
  1. I am not a contract worker, I am acutally a resident of this place and a Citizen in three years from now which I don't really care about. I didn't come to this God-forsaken country to work in your fastfood chains. I had no choice, my parents wanted to move here so I was dragged along. If I were given a choice I would have stayed in the Philippines and I would have graduated now too.
  2. I am working at Tim Hortons because I want to earn money while waiting to gain admission to University of Alberta because unlike a certain percentage of white people I have high goals and aspirations with one of them being able to have a degree.
  3. Just because I'm brown doesn't mean I worship white people and think that they are superior in any way.

Not all Filipinos that come to this country, Canada, is a contract worker who you think you can look down at and think that you are superior to them in a way because if you take a look at history no one is a native of Canada per se. The ancestors or forefathers of the white people killed and oppressed the first people who lived in Canada. And that is something I would never be proud of.

I don't want to be nasty but some people are making me nasty. Again, if you don't know how to respect people then don't expect to be respected too.

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