Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ski Trip at the Canadian Rocky Mountains

That is me trying to conquer the mountain and ski. Well I did get to ski (slightly) and I was able to conquer the mountain (just the bunny hill for kids and beginners) after a few falls (more like several falls) but as one very intelligent and well respected philosophers of all times (me) said:

"It is better to fall a thousand times than to just sit and never learn anything..."

The ski trip was well worth it and we really enjoyed it. Here are my trip buddies:

Tanner, Camille, Grace, Mark, and Me... and oh yes my brother who I brought along as my personal photographer:

(Me and my brother)

The trip to Marmot Basin, located in Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, is around 6 hours from Edmonton. The trip there was very fun and really comfortable. We left Edmonton at around 2:30 AM to Camille's house and then we followed them to the Edmonton Military Garrison where our bus was waiting for us:

Oh yeah! It's Canadian baby! And our driver was a Canadian Soldier:

Ok, back to my story. So riding the bus was very relaxing really. I was able to sleep and just listening to my iPod was really fun and when dawn finally break the view was amazing:

And yes skiing (or trying to ski) is also fun! Good thing the snow was soft or else I would have bruises all over. We just went skiing on top of the bunny hill which was intended for kids (and beginners) but turns out the kids were better than us at skiing and snow boarding. We were served!

But trying to ski and the matching ski outfit were excellent for picture taking which was the main reason why we came all the way to Marmot Basin for: picture taking! *Toink*

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