Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Got Promoted!

Honestly I'm not really excited with my promotion because my present job is only temporary and I don't plan on working there forever. I'm only working at Tim Hortons until I get admission to University of Alberta.

I don't want the additional responsibility that the promotion entails but I cannot deny the fact that the additional pay with the promotion is indeed tempting. It was all quite sudden and my manager didn't even tell me about the promotion. It was like I was just assigned to be an in-charge for one day every week just like that. They say that this is the first step to becoming a supervisor but I am more interested in having a raise than being promoted.

But I have to admit that being recognized to lead a group of people and be trusted with all the money in the till gives me a sense of satisfaction and pride. So I have to live out the expectations of my c0-workers... how troublesome.

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