Monday, March 16, 2009

I Want an iPhone!

I knew that an iPhone is such an amazing gadget but I was only enticed to buy one when my mom went home one day with an iPhone from Rogers. She said that she had no plans on buying one but got one anyway because the salesman was good.

But I actually didn't want to get an iPhone since I already have bought two iPod Touch and both had pretty much the same features except that the iPod touch isn't a phone... duh! I already have a great smart phone and I'm pretty happy with it. But the interface of the iPhone is really great and I especially love the Google Map that's pre-installed on the iPhone. I do have Google Maps on my Sony Erisson W960i but it doesn't come close to the iPhone. Plus I love the internet browser of the iPhone/iPod Touch!

I went online and bid on a 16GB White Unlocked iPod but I lost... which is good because I bid on two more phones from two different sellers so I didn't want to win two bids since I don't want to pay for both.

Anyhoo... I think it's better to hide my credit card since I don't want to spend too much since I have to pay my way to school.

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