Friday, March 6, 2009

Goodbye Ice Cream!

My gosh! My worst nightmare has finally came true! A friend had asked me go swimming at the water park at West Edmonton Mall!!! I'm not afraid of drowning or anything because I can swim (and float whenever I need to hehehe).

I don't want to come because I don't want to be half naked in a swimming trunks because I don't have that body to show off or a body to even show to begin with (wait... I don't have a body?!). I'm thinking of coming but I'm not sure. Maybe when I slim down a bit and get rid of that lump in front of my tummy hehehe. But I guess 2 weeks won't do me much good...

I just am too lazy to exercise and there are so many things I want to do rather than exercise. I am so hopeless. But still I will try to watch what I eat... goodbye iced cappuccino and ice cream... I will miss you so much!

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