Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nothing to Post

Seriously... my life is so boring... I have nothing to post or write about. I think my brain has completely shut down or anything because I don't seem to think anymore... or is it because I can't think anymore?

I wonder why I always have to blog about my boring life... is there even anyone visiting my rarely updated blog who are interested about my not so fascinating life?

But then again, using this part of cyberspace to rant and vent isn't a bad idea either... so here it goes.... **** my brother's friends! Damn! My only day dedicated to cleaning this God damn house is wasted because of those damn people! God why can't they just go to their own freaking homes like normal people do! They stay here for the whole night and then the whole day, they eat here, leave their garbage here in our God forsaken home... I hate them... Grrr...

Ok on with my life... see? Look how infuriatingly pathetic my life is. Later days!

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