Monday, May 26, 2008

On Searching For Lost Items

One thing that frustrates me the most is when I lose my stuff. I get really stressed out when any of my belongings get lost may it be a measly pen or worst, my Citizen watch (my most valuable accessory)!

Yup I was preparing the items that I was going to wear for tomorrow when tada! My watch was missing! I was thinking that I may have dropped it when I placed it in my pocket the last time I used it, but then I remember that I didn’t remove my watch at all. So I searched the whole freaking house which by the way is a huge mess! My house felt like an abandoned warehouse because all our furniture were already sold and the remaining stuff where literally littered everywhere.

It was 12:00 AM and I was already getting so drowsy and I had to get up early tomorrow. I felt like I just have to give up as looking for that darn watch is already a lost cause… but I didn’t give up and thankful that I didn’t.

I was thinking that I may have been looking for my watch at the places where it might be. Why not look for it in places where it normally shouldn’t be in. And the first thing that came to my mind was, “Why not try the trashcan?” And guess what? I found my prized possession with all the junk I threw. Good thing my dad didn’t throw away the trash or my watch would have been long gone.

So next time you look for a lost item… look for it somewhere unexpected!

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  1. My brother has a spectacle (High Power), and everyday after taking bath it goes missing. He searches for it every nook and corner of our small apartment, and somehow manages to find it finally. It's a daily affair.