Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Tour to Toronto, Canada

We haven't even settled down in Canada yet but my mom has already plans of going sight-seeing in different places in Canada. One place that we have our eyes on is Toronto, Canada! Toronto is the entertainment, financial, and cultural capital of Canada so going to Toronto is a must!

I've already did an online search on hotels in Toronto and there are quite many to choose from. I've also looked at some pictures and scenes of the city and I tell you, it's a very beautiful city! So I thought that why stay in a hotel when we could stay at a bed and breakfast Toronto where we could really experience life in Toronto first hand. Oh for those who don't know what a bed and breakfast (B&B) is, it's an establishment that offers bed accommodation, and breakfast. return for payment.

What's best in a Toronto bed and breakfast is that you not only experience life at Toronto first-hand, you only pay for it at a fraction of a cost meaning more money is spent exploring the city rather than spending on it for paying the hotel when you're not in it the whole day.

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