Friday, May 2, 2008

The Attack of the Shower Monster

I hate taking a shower at night but what can I do when I have to clean up before bed because I don't want to sleep when I'm covered with who knows what germs and bacteria from my duty at the hospital (yup I'm sort of a clean freak).

Anyway I hate taking a shower at night because this is the time when eeky stuff happens just like in the movies. And what part of taking a shower do I hate the most? It's the part where I have to close my eyes for a few minutes to lather some soap into my face. And these are the few minutes that my wretched imagination runs wild. I imagine having a ghost lady clinging at the ceiling waiting to pounce on me or a serial killer behind the curtains. There was one instance when I was imagining this when I suddenly felt a cold tentacle like thing wrap around me and I was screaming and wriggling around. Oh I did manage to rinse the soap out of my eyes and realize that it was only the damn shower curtain but it's already too late cause I also managed to wake everyone up... oh embarrassing moment alert!

Ever since that day the shower curtain was my worst enemy! My brother kept making fun of me saying, "Watch out for the Shower Monster!" Oh just shut up will you! Grr!

I had to do something about that damn shower curtain and good for me the ShowerBow was invented! Yup no more shower curtain clings so no more shower monster at night! Plus I don't feel trapped anymore because with ShowerBow my shower area somehow became larger!

It was also really easy to install ShowerBow and so I didn't have to call on my dad to do it! Yeay to independence! And hurray to undisturbed and relaxing midnight showers! As the saying goes you have to face your problems head on and I'm proud of myself because i did just that!


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