Friday, May 2, 2008

Natasha Bedingfield Hugs David Archuleta!

I have to thank Juliana for informing me of this event since I wasn't able to watch American Idol during the elimination night. I just love Natasha Bedingfield! I most especially love her "Unwritten" song.

So you hear her singing Pocketful of Sunshine and at the very end before she exits she crosses the stage again and asks if she could say hi to David. She was approaching and David Cook stood up (they say he stood up because he's a gentleman but I guess he stood up because he though Natasha wants to say hi to him, Lol). It was so cute of Natasha to act like a teenage schoolgirl David Archuleta fan and hug him and kiss him. Guess David was a bit shocked with what just happened hahaha. To make things worst Ryan Seacrest told Natasha that David wants to take her to the prom and guess what Natasha said? She has a dress ready hahaha!

Lucky little David! If only I had his looks and his talents girls would want to hug me and kiss me hehehe.

Here's the video:

Anyway I've noticed that Paula Abdul really loves dancing, I think she dances in every song that's upbeat, it's so cute. I really like Ryan because he loves placing people under the hot seat hehehe. Imagine he asked Simon Cowell to judge Natasha's performance. I wonder how the world would react if he did? But he was smart enough to refuse, I really sensed that he was uneasy with that situation.

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