Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Filipino Subject

I had always thought that my Filipino classes were useless. For those who don't understand what I'm talking about, Filipino is a language class (just like English) were we learn how to speak and write in Filipino. I am a person who is practical and studying 2 classes in Filipino was the most impractical thing that I had ever done (well it was required of me to take Filipino classes).

I believe that taking the subject, Filipino, in elementary and high school was adequate enough because writing and speaking in Filipino fluently will not be required in my future career. I say this because even in the Philippines, all formal business transactions are transacted in English unlike other Asian countries like Japan and Korea where they transact business with their own language.

I had brought this topic up before at my university's forum and the people there said that I was selfish. Selfish? Selfish in what way? It pains me to know that some Filipinos are not open to change and change ladies and gentlemen is required for progress.

I am not saying that Filipinos should stop wasting their time learning and studying Filipino. What I'm saying is that in the college level, education should be more focused on teaching the students things that are related to their future career.

You see at our university we are thought a lot of things (because they want students to be well-rounded yes) but some of these subjects are impractical to me (Filipino is one). Other subjects that I find impractical is Physical Education (PE). I know that exercise is important but the only thing we do at PE is dance. My minor subjects tend to take up all of my time that I am not able to focus on subjects that really matter like Pathology, Physiology and Anatomy, Biology, and other subjects that are related to nursing.

I honestly believe that I had wasted my 2 years of college because these two years were only focused on finishing all of my "minor subjects". All my nursing subjects only began at second year and we only were able to set foot in the hospital at third year. Because of minor subjects I feel that there wasn't enough time for me to learn nursing concepts at all.

That's why I'm glad that I'm going to start studying again as a freshmen at Canada this coming school year. Imagine, all the major nursing concepts are already being studied in the first year level. I really can't wait to begin studying.

And oh yeah guess what, studying Filipino will not be of any help in Canada.


  1. know what?

    your colleagues were are SELFISH!

    and you only want to escape life itself...

    and that is why you took nursing as a career!

    you didnt even think that JApan, Korea, Singapore and etc who speaks and write in their own language, are now one of the industrialized countries and keeps on developing because of their love and loyalty to their country! not like you, your in CANADA to escape your own people..! check again your citizenship again your not even PROUD to be a Filipino!

    in summary! PRO DEO ET PATRIA!

    if you dont approve this comment, then you are really a jerk! you dont want people to know the real YOU! - think again! i'll always check on you SELFISH GUY...

  2. Hello Anonymous.

    Big words for someone who is a nobody, hiding behind a cloak of cowardice.

    Escape life? Well I'm only escaping poverty and a state of no development at all. And nursing is not an escape of life, it's actually a profession that I am interested in and am good in.

    You talk ideologies but I'm more of a rational being with thoughts that are realistic and practical. You say that Japan and Korea speak their own language or whatever but they do go abroad to study English because they want to be globally competitive. And it is their good economy and government that contributes to their success because if it is only love and loyalty then the Philippines should have developed several decades ago.

    Escape my own people you say, so meaning you want me to stay in the Philippines and rot? Huge amount of my taxes are wasted and only the politicians benefit.

    I am glad that I left the Philippines because now I am more empowered and more opportunities are open to me. In Canada everyone is equal. I can buy all the things that I want because jobs are good and the prices of commodities are cheap. And yes I will check my citizenship. Guess what? It's Canadian Permanent Resident and in three years time, it's going to be Canadian citizen, and that's a fact!

    Also it is not my obligation to tell people who I am and I don't think anyone else will even care who I am.

    You act as if you're educated and smart but your use of street trash for a language only shows your low calibre. I can't stand people like you who harass other people and hide.

    So if you have nothing better to do I'm going to enjoy my Canadian way of life. I'm going to get Canadian education, work in Canada, raise a family and be part of a Canadian community, and die in Canada. Being selfish to improve one's self and family is needed for development. What do you want me to do? go back to the Philippines and give money to poor Filipinos or something? Grow up. Life is not a fairy tale. Some people and countries will be poor and some countries will be rich. It's the way of life, the law of the jungle, only the fittest will survive.

    So if moving to Canada to get a better life is selfish then I don't care, as long as I and my family are happy. i mind my business and you mind your business. It's that simple.

    And oh yes. I do love my home and my country... and that's Canada.

    And please don't blame me for the decay of Filipino society and call em selfish for wanting to seek a better life because that is so Filipino of you: Crab Mentality... pulling someone who is up you down. But guess what? It's not working.