Friday, April 4, 2008

A New Way to Search for People

I just joined a website that offers a unique people search engine! It's like a hybrid of Google & Wikipedia because you can search for people using his/her name, email, or tags like has brown eyes, lives in Canada, and etc. What's more exciting and unique about this people search is that you can actually edit the search result of a person adding more information related to that person. And the search results also contains the person's contact details or homepage making it easier to contact that person.

If more people joined this people search then you can search for people who have similarities with you or even long lost friends! The possibilities are endless with!

I have tried out Spock's people search and I searched for "student nurse" and here are the people who turned up! And you notice the websites below the name right? You can reach these student nurses through these websites and befriend them and link to them. Isn't it great? Why don't you check out for yourself and go people search right now!

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