Friday, April 4, 2008

Being a Pharmacy Technician

I'm still young and I still have many opportunities waiting for me. I still don't have a clear picture of who I will be in the future but I am definite that I will be in the health care industry someday. Upon checking out many health-related careers I had my eye on being a pharmacy technician.

So what are the job responsibilities of a pharmacy tech? Quite simple really, pharmacy technicians assist licensed pharmacists. In the hospital setting, after the patient's meds are checked by the licensed pharmacist, the pharmacy tech delivers it to the patient. While in the pharmacy, technicians prepare the prescription after checking its accuracy, which could include counting pills, or weighing, measuring, or mixing the medication. There's no need to worry about making mistakes here because the pharmacist will always double check your prepared medications before it is dispensed.

Being a pharmacy tech requires no formal education too! One could just have an on the job training how cool is that? All you need in being a pharmacy tech is being a hard worker, organized, and alert. You must also be careful with your drug preparations as wrong dosages could seriously harm a patient.

So the most important part, the pharmacy technician salary. In 2002, the median hourly pharmacy tech salaries were $10.70. But wages actually vary and other factors that affect wages include the job environment, certification, union membership, and shift.

So being a pharmacy technician is not bad! In fact it's a very interesting career choice! So if you want more information about how to be a pharmacy technician and where you might want to study why don't you visit this very informative site:

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