Saturday, April 5, 2008

Too Tired to Blog

I don't know why I suddenly feel so tired today. I was planning to do my daily routine this evening, blog and drop Entrecards but I am just too darn tired to stay awake. I guess that my body is already feeling the recoil of sleep deficit. I have to pay up for my lost hours of sleep.

It's really amazing how I manage to sleep late at night during days with out classes and be flat on bed snoring during school days hehehe. But maybe it is just more relaxing to sleep when you know that you have a lot of boring school stuff to do.

Speaking of school stuff it reminds me of my brother's high school, Holy Cross High School. I have never studied there and I am glad that I did not because their rules and policy are so insanely stupid. Why do they need to have the parents retrieve the student's report card? Am I not enough to satisfy the role as guardian? Like my parents have no time because they have to work for our living. Besides my brother already graduated so there is no need to talk to the parents about my brother's performance in school.

I just wonder what the basis of their rules are. Just for the sake of having rules? Well I have 2 words for that: BS! Sorry for my French.

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