Monday, April 7, 2008

Me, the Assistant Professor

Who would have guessed that being a teacher could be so darn difficult. I had a first hand experience of how tiring it is a professor when my mom asked me to help her check her test papers and my God my brain almost fried. If you think that checking test papers is just simple, well you should try checking bookkeeping test papers!

I had to check every entry to check if the students did not just copy their total. And it's quite frustrating how many of them copied and how many of them who had no clue what they are doing. If I was a teacher then I'd have no double thoughts and I will report them for cheating and fail them.

But my mom is too kind with them and told me that she'll just pass them. My mom is just teaching as a part-time job by the way since it's a great way to earn money plus she'll be able to make use of her Masters degree.

I still am not finished and I'm just resting for a bit. I think that I may need to get some glasses already since my eyes are starting to hurt already from all those bloody entries.

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