Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Man Becomes Pregnant

Before you think that this is just some hoax well you better believe it. This story was shown on Oprah and the story spread on the web and the world like wild fire! Mr. Thomas beatie, 34 years old, a resident of Oregon announced on Oprah his story that he was 6 months pregnant. As proof he even had an ultrasound and hold and behold a health baby girl! But how could a man be biologically be capable of bearing a child? Simple! Thomas was actually a she and not a he. Confused? Well let me enlighten you a bit. Thomas, was born and lived for 24 years as a girl called Tracey. Tracey's mother committed suicide at the age of 12 and only had her 2 brothers and father has role models. Tracey had known by then when she hit puberty that she was a man trapped in a girl's body. Although she won the title of Miss Hawaii Teen USA and had a boyfriend by the age of 17 she knew that she was a transgender and decided to have a sex transplant and hormone replacement when she was with her partner Nancy, who was fully supportive of her. And now she became a he because his breasts were removed (mastectomy) and he grew a beard and his body became more muscular because of testosterone therapy. He still has his female organs retained but he claims that his clitoris looks like a small penis now due to hormone replacement and that he can have intercourse with his wife (yup he is legally male and married).

So why would he want to get pregnant when he wants to be a male? It's because of two reasons. First, he says that, "It's not a male or female desire to have a child. It's a human desire." Second, Nancy can't bear a child because she had to have her uterus removed because of endometriosis.

So Thomas had artificial insemination done. He actually had triplets at the first attempt but had to have the pregnancy aborted because he had an ectopic pregnancy (the fetuses implanted themselves in his falopian tube). The second attempt is his present pregnancy which by the way is normal and would be normal through NSVD or Normal Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery.

The first impact of this story to people would be "Wow! Unbelievable!" The second thing that would rush to some closed-minded people is "What kind of freaks are these!" Society may have great difficulty accepting such situations which society brands as abnormal but time will come when the society will accept these occurrences.

The relationship of Thomas and Nancy is a testimony that nothing can ever be a barrier to true love may it be race, age, economic standing, and in this case gender. Thomas and Nancy are just two happily married couples where the husband is having the baby. Let's just all wish them good luck!


  1. I know that Janus. If you read my article you would find that I said that Tracey was her name before she changed it to Thomas.