Friday, June 13, 2008

Stubborn Father

Ok I know, this is another one of my rantings... well maybe I should change this blog into my rant zone huh? Well if you don't want to hear rantings you may visit my other blog Angel in the Sickroom or you may choose not to read this post any further.

My father is maybe one of the most stubborn people in the world. He doesn't admit that he's wrong and that he blames other people for his short comings. Like the use of the washing machine for example. The washing machines here in Canada are very different from the ones we have at home. You can say that it's sort of hi-techy. In here there are different settings like the choose of either warm, cold, or hot water in washing or rinsing. It's actually quite complicated but if you only read what is written on the knobs then you can work your way around.

But my stubborn father insists on not learning because it's totally different and says that we should be the ones to operate it because he doesn't know how to. Well if you only use your common sense and your eyes instead of your loud mouth cursing and mumbling to yourself I bet one could easily figure its use out. It's not like a total mystery that needs a rocket scientist to figure out.

And there are so many jobs in Canada and he wants to choose a job as a garbage collector. For a person who has a mechanical engineering degree I wonder why he could be so stupid. He reasons that he knows a garbage collector in Canada who has a three story house and three Ford pick-ups. But the thing is that garbage collector may have another source of income like selling the furnitures and other stuff he salvages from the dumps and sell it to the third world countries. Or he could be like my dad who has a wife who has a higher paying job than him and the only one who literally feeds the family and makes it alive.

Yes, my dad is so stubborn that he doesn't want to continue his education to be able to land higher paying job saying that he's not fit for it. Well I kind of agree because he can't even make his own resume for Christ's sake and he always relies on my mom for this. I just wonder how my mom could keep up and tolerate living with a person who does not even contribute to the family but even cause damage to it.

But honestly. I don't expect much from my father because by the way he's going he's not going anywhere (except down) and my mom will have to clean up after his mess like all the time. He's also has a very loud mouth which is also very irritating. As they say it's the loud people who have the less brains and I have to say that it's true.


  1. Oh my...I can feel your irritation through this post. Totoo nga siguro ang sabi ng iba na mahirap magpalaki ng magulang.

    Once you find a job out there, hopefully you'll be out of the house more and be away from such things.

    Anyway, I, for one, don't know where some Filipinos [like your father] get the idea that garbage collectors make so more money here in the US and Canada. Seriously, I've been hearing that garbage since I was a little girl. It's obviously coming from other Filipinos. I actually asked my husband how much garbage collectors make and he said not much.

    Ay naku...I truly hope your Dad will realize that is not the case at all. We really don't know how those garbage collectors have the fancy houses and cars but I have a hunch that they actually take advantage of loans extensively.

    Do take care and try not to stress too much about it. Ang tatay ay matter what...I know much easier said than done but hey, you're stuck with that one...hahaha.


  2. Ay naku po!Father's Day ba naman malapit na.Parang ang laki ng galit mo sa ama mo ah...

    I know it's really irritating to think about pero as teacher Juliana said,he's still your father!

  3. Edgar,

    Agreed ako sa post ni Juliana. Sana mag bago tatay mo. Ang hirap magpalaki ng magulang. I have no problem with my nanay pero ang tatay ko sobra, matigas ang ulo! Alam mo respect is one thing pero minsan nakakawala ng respeto lalu na when you share your wisdom; our tatay don't even want to hear them. Hayy naku ang hirap talaga minsan.

    Ate Anah