Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Why Am I Always Late?

$Aah! Is it me or do I really lack time management because once again I am late! Well at least this time I won’t get an extension because I’m only late for an assessment but still it’s so frustrating to be late. It’s also quite a shame because of all people, a nurse should never be late. It has been reiterated over and over again back in RLE 2 that a nurse should never be late because every minute is important for the life of the patient. Plus one should also think of the other nurse on duty that one should from her/his 8 hour straight duty. Darn it!

Well at least I wasn't late for the medical rotation. It was really great that my colleagues and I agreed to carpool to save money. We meet at Dunkin Donuts 30 minutes before our pre-conference so that we could then share a taxi and split the fare. It's also a good motivation too since I don't want anyone waiting for me... and I don't want people to make me wait... hahaha! I sound like Sasori of Naruto!

Anyway, lesson learned and I'll never be late again. Hahaha!

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