Saturday, February 2, 2008

Injured Finger!


Ah! I injured my finger! Ouch! Like it's so hard to encode right now... huhuhu but I'm still trying to function normally.

I won't allow this impairment to hinder me from doing my ADL's or activities of daily living huhuhu.

It does really hurt. I can rate the pain with a 2 out of 10 pain scale with 10 as the highest. I already applied ice to prevent further hematoma and inflammation and also to desensitize the pain fibers.

I won't drink Mefenamic acid or any analgesics for that matter because I fear that my body would adapt to it and it wouldn't be effective when I really need pain killers.

I do hope that my finger heals soon. Oh yeah my finger got injured because it got stuck in a folding chair as I was about to get of the van. Darn it, what bad luck! smile_confused

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