Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Library Hell

The online database of the university library is making me go berserk! First, it took me half an hour to gain access because of the "auto ip login" thing. I had to repair and acquire a new ip address over and over again. And to my dismay just when I finally got accessed to it, the damn online journal is down. Think of the irony! Not to mention agony!

Ok I have already ranted about my great dismay of the university library poor service, I might as well continue and pour out my sentiments (evil little me). Here are the list of things that makes me a grumpy little "library patron":
  • The library actually has several computers but they are never turned on - I just wonder what these computers are for? We paid for these things but we never get to use them. Are these for display only? I've heard that the reason why they don't turn them on is it will cause a short-circuit in the electrical system or something... but my reply? Fix it then! We pay for your services people.
  • Poor Internet Connection - The WiFi connection is really quite good and the internet speed is fast but there are times when there are fluctuations in the internet connection and I lose my internet connection. It's quite disappointing and irritating especially when you're already in the heat of the moment searching for stuff on the net.
  • Books are not in order - Oh my... what is the use of the Dewey decimal system or the online book catalogue when the books are not in proper order. o books are even missing. The library does have good books but you never get to use them because you never find them. And don't bother asking the "student assistants" for help. They are a bunch of good for nothing leeches that gets paid for doing nothing... (I am so evil... but it's true).
  • Broken Book Detector Thingy - I wonder when they will fix the book detector thingy (I don't know what it's called but it detects books that haven't been checked out or borrowed officially) at the library entrance? It has been months already and I don't think that they have plans of replacing or repairing it. Do you know how annoying it is when they stop you and manually check your bag? It's ok if they really check it but the thing is they just stare at the inside of the bag just for the sake of checking, they don't even check if the books in the bag are owned by the library. Do they have x-ray eyes or something?
Ok, you might think that I'm being over-reactive from the things that I have said above but wait until you hear the best part:
  • You would notice that there are only a few students who dare to stay at the third floor of the library annex because of the certain librarian that I would like to call the "Librarian from Hell". He is the epitome of people who are so controlling and not to mention closed minded. The third floor library is like a different nation with it's own stupid little rules like no texting, no talking (even whispering), no using of mp3/media players (even if you use an earphone and with the volume way below comfort), and what else? No breathing, thinking, and no being alive in a free democratic world? If I know, if there would be a chance he would also ban the use of laptops. Like this librarian is what we call the modern day native who gets scared of innovations and improvements in technology... how sad...
Well I guess that's it. But I am glad that this would be the last that I would get to see and experience of being in the library... why? Well I'll just post about it later, maybe in may? I'll just keep it a secret for now.

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