Saturday, February 2, 2008

School and Student Nurse Rivalries

It really can't be helped. There will always be school rivalries and student nurse rivalries. The rivalry would always stem from the debate of which school is better.

With the numerous nursing schools that are sprouting in the Philippines we can't help but ask wether the quality of education and the standards of teaching are maintained. That is why nursing schools should really prove that they are not one of those mediocre nursing schools existing.

Of course it has been a well known fact that Xavier University (XU) is a well respected and reputable Jesuit institution not only in the Philippines but in abroad as well. That is why other schools can't help but compare itself to XU because the standards and curriculum of the XU - College of Nursing (XUCN) is an acceptable measure of excellence. I can't help but reiterate the well known fact that ever since the XU College of Nursing opened, it had always produced batches of nurses who always pass the PRC board exams 100%.

This fact threatens other schools that is why they resort to dirty tactics to defame and destroy the reputation of XUCN, which of course they never succeed in.

That is why there is always an uneasy feeling when two schools have their duty together because criticism and backstabbing will never be avoided.

But it is unfortunate though that our clinical instructor had to reprimand us from our so-called behavior of feeling superior than other student nurses because it is quite ironic that we feel superior in the ward but actually are inferior in the classroom when faced by several hard medical-surgical nursing concepts.

I just hope that my batch and I could live up to the expectation of being an Atenean nursing student. Because if we can't then we better consider transferring schools and that would be a VERY TRAUMATIC experience... huhuhu...

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