Tuesday, February 12, 2008


There might be a gazillion reasons why Mozilla Firefox is the best web browser and one of these reasons is that it is the only web browser that you can fully personalize. Anyway, this post is not about Mozilla Firefox but rather about it's media download extension that is very helpful and easy to use (not to mention supports a lot of sites): DownloadHelper.

You can download download helper here.

That is of course you are a Mozilla Firefox user, if not you better replace your old slow and not very innovative web browser. Just search for my download Firefox button at the side to start experiencing the web in a new and much more exciting way.

Gosh I sound like a product spokesperson! Anyway, I used this Firefox extension to download anime videos from www.crunchyroll.com and boy was I satisfied! The Wi-Fi internet connection at the XU library sometimes turns off so my video streaming also gets cut off.

Besides, it's faster to download a flash movie than wait for it to load. And if you want faster downloads use DAP as your download accelerator. You can click here to download DAP.

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