Saturday, February 2, 2008

Laptop Reformat Blooper

I did quite something stupid last Wednesday, January 30, 2008. I reformatted my friends laptop and I forgot to bring the Windows XP serial number! So while I was in the middle of reformatting the laptop at the library I encountered the serial number prompt and I really panicked. "Oh oh..." I said to myself. I had to search for a computer in the library that had a CD-ROM reader quick so that I could read the serial number found in the CD, well I hoped that the serial number was in the CD-ROM. Unfortunately the only computer with the CD-ROM was being used. So I had to walk down from the fifth floor of the library to a near internet cafe. Fortunately, the person at the internet cafe was very kind and allowed me to peek at my CD with no charge at all. But unfortunately... guess what, there was no serial key in the CD.

So what did I do? I went online using the library computer and searched for Windows XP serial numbers (I know that this was wrong, but it happened to be an emergency). I found none of course, instead I found a software that allows you to see your serial number in your computer. So I used it to peek at the library computer's serial number and I used that number to reformat my friend's laptop.

Problem solved! The only problem now is that if the Genuine Validation Program is ran on her laptop then she would most probably need to get her self a genuine personal copy. In my opinion having the Genuine copy is the best and only option so don't ever try what I did guys!

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