Friday, February 1, 2008

Wheezing In the Abdomen?!

I was really frustrated when I heard from my duty mate that a student nurse from another school interrupted their assessment.

It would have been ok if he just stopped with what he said, "Excuse me what are you doing here, that's my patient (in Cebuano)". If I were only there I would have replied, "I never knew that you were the patient's owner." We already asked permission from the nursing station if we could re-asses our patient for our case presentation and we were not on duty so we weren't "stealing" his patient.

Anyway I really got pissed of when my duty mate told me that he just grabbed the stethoscope and insisted that he takes the bowel sounds instead implying that we were dumb and didn't had the needed skills to auscultate the bowel sounds.

But look who's dumber now Mr. SN of "Fun"? I was on the verge of looking for this guy and giving him a piece of my mind when my duty mate verbalized what he said, "The patient has wheezing in the abdomen!"

I immediately had fits of laughter. Like what?! Come again? Wheezing in the stomach? Oh really? Because if we would review our respiratory system wheezing would be a high-pitched whistling sound associated with labored breathing. Wheezing occurs when a child or adult tries to breathe deeply through air passages that are narrowed or filled with mucus.

I wonder if Mr. Wheezing really auscultated the stomach or the lungs because as I know wheezing is a breath sound, how on earth would it become a bowel sound?

So MORAL LESSON Mr. Wheezing from "Fun": Don't ever think that you are better than us in skills or whatsoever because we all are still learning and XU Nursing students have the skills and KNOWLEDGE to match whatever your school might boast of. And, don't underestimate us if you can't even differentiate that wheezing is a respiratory sound and not a bowel sound!

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