Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Proper Handwashing Poem by Ms. Ansay

I was searching the net for guidelines on proper hand washing when I stumbled upon a poem by a fellow nursing student, Ms. Danica Ansay, who studies at University of the East Ramon Magsaysay (UERM)., Here is a link to her poem: Proper Hand Washing!^_^

At first I was wondering why it sounds like a poem until I realized it is a poem. After reading the whole thing I was quite amazed how Ms. Ansay was able to incorporate the nursing procedure of handwashing into a delightful piece. The poem is very witty and funny. Why don't you read the poem for your self:

*Assuming that I did demonstrate the Hand Washing to you

Upon opening the door

You first stole me with your machong-machong body

Standing beside the sink located beside the door

Waiting for me, ay shit! Joke lang!

I mean waiting for the next student to demonstrate

the Proper Hand Washing

Suddenly after we sat,

I heard you call my name, Ms. Ansay!

OMG! I can’t believe I hear you call my stolen name

Walking towards the sink while stealing your sight

Preparing the materials upon preparing my heart

While starting the demonstration

I started to explain the meaning of Asepsis

As a freedom of my friendship with you

The purpose of Hand Washing is to prevent

the shyness I feel inside of me

And thus, I will now perform the Proper Hand Washing

First I will get a tissue to dry your tears and make you smile

Then I will open the faucet just enough to my satisfaction

Throwing the tissue away to the waste receptacle

Wetting my arms from elbow to fingers

Placing my hands lower than my elbow

I will get again another tissue to wipe my drool

while looking at you

Then throw again the tissue away from me

Rubbing the soap from palm to palm

Like kissing each other from cheeks to cheeks

Next is the interlace, then the dorsal part of my hand

Now the spider with my fingers rubbing my palm in circular motion

together with my eyes looking at your posture cephalocaudal

Then my fingers with five strokes each

while saying, ‘my-chu-va-chu-chu’

Lastly with circular motion rubbing my arms from wrist to elbow

Dreaming and wishing that you’re standing right next to me

holding my arms and together we will go to paradise

Now I start rinsing my arms from elbow to my fingers

Feeling the warmth of your hands embracing my coca-cola body

Picking the last tissue to dry my tears of loneliness

before saying goodbye

Throwing the tissue of my tears away from my sight

Getting the towel to pot dry my arms from hands to elbow

Wishing that you were the one who dries my tears

and makes me feel special

Preparing myself for the evaluation

A little spray of perfume and a touch of powder

I think is enough for him to notice me

Feeling nervous while standing in front of you

Listening to what you say and do

Rejoicing for what you’ve said

Giving thanks for passing me

And specially for your time and cooperation.

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