Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Windows XP vs Windows Vista

Actually, my laptop is a Vista capable computer and that it's supposed to have a Windows Vista as an OS. But I was given a choice to either have the Vista or a Windows XP. I didn't have any second thoughts and I quickly decided to have a Windows XP as my operating system. Here are the reasons why I chose an old W XP to the new Windows Vista:
  1. Windows Vista is a memory-hungry OS, it will only slow my laptop.
  2. Most programs that I plan to install aren't Vista capable yet.
  3. The only difference that I see in Vista is the design and maybe some tools and programs that I'm never really going to use.
If you would see my desktop above, you would first think that it's a Vista because of the sidebar. Well you're definitely wrong! This is actually a Windows XP desktop with the tool Google Desktop which you could download for free at http://desktop.google.com

Google desktop offers the same quick search capability of Windows Vista and you can download several gadgets and widgets that will suite not only your style but will also be very useful like my system monitor (which is just like the one Vista has).

In short, since I don't have enough memory and computing power I won't go for Vista. Besides I'm very happy with Windows XP and my laptop's current speed.

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