Wednesday, February 13, 2008

On Memory Enhancers

Tomorrow is our semi-finals exams and I bet I'm going to be really busy again cramming (hahaha)... but I bet cramming would only work if I had photographic memory but fortunately I don't. For years now I have been searching for a way to improve my memory because as a nursing students I have a lot of stuff that I need to memorize like normal level of hemoglobin or different drugs used to treat a disease and all of that stuff.

I have tried using memory enhancers like glutaphos but it doesn't seem to have worked for me. Well I did pass pharmacology with all those drugs and their classifications (thank God!) but I don't think that taking glutaphos has helped me pass pharma. In fact, whenever I take glutaphos I just sleep and I don't even get to study.

Anyway, glutaphos is just a vitamin supplement that contains vitamin B12 (as they call brain-food) and such. So why waste on money and risk damaging my liver when I could take Vitamin B12 from normal sources like meat, dairy products, and eggs. And glucose is the best brain energy provider and I can't agree less. I just love eating chocolates when I study!

So in the end, there is no short-cut to get a better memory without facing some consequences. Drugs may give temporary solutions but it will take something in return from our body because like any other drugs, there are bound to be adverse reactions.

So for me, eat healthy and sleep early... but where does studying go? Good question...
Nothing beats studying weeks before and reading ahead I guess.

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