Friday, February 15, 2008

Take the Stairs Instead of the Elevator

It's quite frustrating when the elevator doors are locked. Like my class is on the 6th floor and it's so tiring to climb those stairs especially when you're carrying my big and heavy Medical-Surgical Nursing book.

What's even more frustrating is when you find the first floor elevator closed, the second floor elevator closed, the third floor elevator closed, the fourth floor elevator closed, the fifth floor elevator open! What?! Like I'm going to the sixth floor! Might as well take the stairs...

But despite all of my frustrations I finally got over them and realized that it's actually really better to take the stairs because it's a form of exercise which I really need since I have a sedentary lifestyle.

I just have to make sure though that I won't be late for my class. So I got to go now, I still have to take the stairs to my room...

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