Monday, May 4, 2009

Home Security Systems

Unlike back home in the Philippines, I`ve noticed that homes here in Canada don`t have very high walls surrounding their homes and lots and they don`t have steel bars mounted on the windows. I once thought that home security was lacking in Canadian homes since homes here in are very open to intruders because the lawns are open and the windows are just made of glass that could easily be smashed.

But then I just recently realized that this doesn`t mean that burglars and intruders can easily break in because homes here are protected by something better than high perimeter walls and window bars, or attack dogs combined: home security systems!

That`s right! Home security systems will help in preventing burglary, some may even call the fire department if there is a fire, and you can even use it to send help when you have a medical crisis. So home security systems is just like having a police, a fireman, and a doctor as neighbors who you can just call for when you need them.

If our mortgage gets approved and we get to buy a house this year, I`m sure to get an ADT Security System as most of the homes here have this as their security system.

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