Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mobility: Independence and Empowerment

I really am amazed when I see people who can't walk crossing the road or who come into our store to buy coffee and such. I would then imagine how my life would be if I was disabled and I was immobile. I know that my life would be very hard and it would take me months and even years to get over my disability.

That is why I highly respect and look up to those who are disabled because they don't let their disability hinder them from living a normal and happy life. But I guess their electric wheelchairs also play a huge part in the improvement of their lives. I know that it's very hard to move in a wheelchair all by yourself. You have to have great upper arm strength something which by the way I lack. So if it weren't for electric wheelchairs how can the elderly or those like me with weak arms move? So motorized wheelchairs are indeed a great contribution to the changing of lives for the disabled.

It's also great to know that one could regain mobility once again at little to no cost at all because I've heard that your health insurance can cover the expenses.

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